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Advance Terra 128B Walk-behind Sweeper/Vacuum


  • Rasco ID Tag: R00131
  • Rating: 4 Stars
  • Category: Rasco Used
  • Contact: Rasco Janitorial Supply @ (303) 363-6000
  • Location: Rasco Janitorial Supply, 3198 Nome Street, Aurora Co 80010

For sweeping inside on carpeted or hard floor areas or sweeping outside your facility, the Terra® 128B Walk-behind sweeper vacuums are the fastest, most reliable way to keep an area clean.

The Terra® 128B sweeps a 28 inch (71 cm) path. Cleaning capacity is up to 38,700 sq ft (3,596 m2) an hour.

Maintenance is easy too. The high-speed main broom, side broom and panel dust filter are all easy to change without the use of tools. The hood opens to give clear access to batteries and other service areas.